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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CONFESSION..Shoe obsession! LOL

I CAN'T believe how fast this summer is flying! Well along with my makeup obsession I also have a bit of a shoe addiction, but what girl doesn't??!! My favorite shoes to wear this season have been sexy pumps, wedges and gladiator sandals! I was in Aldo's a few weeks ago and had to have these babies! What do you think?? Check em out along with some of my other faves this summer!

What are some of your favorite sandals this summer?? Let me know in the comments I'd love to hear!! Hope everyone's having a fabulous summer<333!!!!

P.S. Anyone have a membership to Kim Kardashian's shoe site Shoe dazzle?? I've been thinking about joining but would appreciate some feedback from ya'll first see if it's worth it LOL!!

P.P.S. There might be a giveaway soon so stay tuned!! 

Toodles till next time;)


  1. You have good taste in shoes! Loves it! :D

  2. My favorite pair is the first pair. Are they comfy?

  3. Marie- They are EXTREMELY comfy that's why I love them so much! Usually I have very sensitive feet but these are awesome-a little pricey but awesome! Now I want more! LOL