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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wet N Wild Lipsticks review!! Finally I know!!!!!

I know all late, what can I say I'm a lazy mutha fucka these days LMAO! (pardon my french)!! It's just been so hott out here and humid, I've been going au naturale LOL, I haven't been wearing too much make up so it won't be sliding off my face but I know some of my fave readers out there have been asking for this review so here it goes! 

I'm sure everyone has heard all the raving going on with these fab lippies! So my overall impression of these babies is def try them out! They are so creamy, easy to apply, very pigmented and last a good few hours on my pigmented poppers. At $2.99 a pop you really can't go wrong for such a great product, ahhh I love a good deal!! (Insert overly happy face here!!) I like to throw on a little gloss when wearing these because I love shiny lips, but you could wear them alone and they'll look fab! Just make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips as matte lipsticks can be drying and show lip lines and that's yucko honey!


-Very affordable
-Good color selection
-Very pigmented
-Long lasting
-Not scented


-2 of the 3 I own have come loose off the tube and are flimsy, no biggie
-Hard to find sometimes

So overall, not many cons at all, if you have a chance to try these lippies out def do so because they are well worth it. I believe you can find these at Rite Aide and there such a good alternative too when sometimes it's hard to shell out $14 for a Mac lippie! I am very impressed with these and the fact that drug store brands are really stepping up their game with quality! Do you own any of these lippies?? Love them or hate them?? Share in the comments!

Till next time!


  1. I have to try these. I use Wet 'N Wild eye shadow and love it!

  2. Marie-Def try these out mama! There so worth it!! Thanks for reading<33!!!