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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cherry Culture NYX Haul!

Soo... Cherry Culture was having a sale as they do all the time, I decided to place an order with them on some NYX stuff that was dirt cheap. I never ordered from them before but had always heard good things and after adding things to my cart and then closing out the window, I finally took the plunge, LOL! Let me just say that there shipping service is super fastO! I placed my order on a Tuesday afternoon and my package was at my door Saturday morning! I will most Def be placing more orders from them in the future, how do you like that Mac??! J/k! But Here's what I got..enjoy!

Caribbean Eyeshadow palette of Neutrals
Brown eyes eyeshadow palette

Lippie's L-R:
Orange Soda, Circe, Power, Watermelon

Lipglosses L-R:
Sorbet, Natural, Whipped, Sugar Pie

All these goodies and I only paid $40 including shipping! I was very impressed and overall happy with everything I got! I'll post swatches if anyone's interested. Have you guys ever ordered from CC?? What are some of your favorite products? Let me know in the comments!

Till next time dolls! <333!!


  1. Nice haul I have orange soda and circe they are really nice colors! :)

  2. Thanks love I totally agree, I'm really loving orange soda and circe, my new favorites! <333!!

  3. Great haul! I have to get those lipsticks and lip glosses...I only have whipped but I love it! Oh about Peachy Keen, you can get it at

    thanks for following my blog!

  4. Ariana- Thanks for the tip I will look into it cuz I really like that color!!