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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend!!

Hey dolls! Happy Hump day!! I wanted to share a few pics from this past weekend, it was Memorial Day weekend, also my older cousins birthday so me and my friends surprised her and took her up to Foxwoods casino on Friday night and partied like rock stars for the night and did a little gambling, didn't win big but that's ok lol! Here's a few pics of what I wore, etc. I did a simple face of the night because it was so hot out and I just simply did not want to wear or pack too much makeup. So all I wore was concealer, powder, and a smokey eye using Mac's Blactrack fluidline and a few shadows, and Hue lipstick. It was my first time staying in this gorgeous casino so we had a really fun time there. Enjoy!

Here's a few pics of our room:

Finally Arrived!!
 Few shots of our room

The bathroom was gorgeous!

Group shot at dinner

What I wore for the night;)!

Group shot of me and my ladies at Shrine Night club

Overall we had a very good stay and a fabulous weekend! Anyone ever been to Foxwoods Casino?? Tell me about your stay!

Any questions let me know in the comments! Hope everyone's having a great week!!



  1. Your outfit was gorgeous! Love the shoes!!!!

  2. Tiffany- Thanks doll!<333!!