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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To The Beach Haul, photos and swatches!!

Good morning dolls! Hope everyone had a fab weekend! So as all of you probably know the most anticipated collection from Mac just released on Thursday! The collection went live on Tuesday thanks Temptalia! I placed my order as soon as I saw this! I received my package promptly on Friday and I wanted to share what I got but my internet at home is down until the end of the week so I couldn't post this sooner. Onto the good stuff!

Hipness Blush

Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

Beach Bound Lipstick

Flurry of Fun Lipglass

Float on by eye kohl

Swatches: left to right:
Hipness blush, Pink Rebel lustre drops, Beach bound lipstick, Flurry of fun, and Float on by

What did you get from this collection? Share in the comments!
I'm most excited to try the lustre drops since I own nothing like this, and Hipness blush! I'll be doing a look with these products this week so stay tuned!

Till next time<333!!!!


  1. I bought the Lustre Drops and Flurry of Fun Lipgloss too. I love the lipgloss, but the Lustre Drops are kind of a let down. I've mixed it with my foundation, then with my lotion, and then wore it by myself but I've gotten more shimmer from my bronzer than this. Maybe I should try it a different way (the MAC lady did tell me to mix it with my bronzer though). Let me know how it works for you as well as your other items, I'm excited to see them.

  2. Miss K- I also love the lipgloss, its so shimmery and pretty! I'll have to try different ways to make the lustre drops work, I'm really excited about them so I hope there's a way! I placed my order online because I couldn't contain my excitement so I couldn't talk to an MA, I guess I'll be watching youtube videos on how to use them lol! I'll post a look this week and let you know how I'm liking everything doll! Thanks xoxo

  3. It's nice to see the stuff I passed on. The lipglass and lipstick are pretty. Float on reminded me of another eye kohl they have. still pretty though

  4. Kim- Thanks doll!the only reason I got the lipstick and lipglass is because I have nothing like it, otherwise I would of skipped it. There so pretty though! Did you get anything from this collection?