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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

Finally after all the hype of this mascara going around, I decided it was time to see what the big fuss was all about so I wanted to share my opinion on this with you gals! Ever since I tried this mascara a few weeks ago I've been so hooked! This mascara has been said to be "The best selling mascara in America" I've tried a lot of mascara's both high end and drug store so when I first got this I was a bit hesitant but it lived up to the hype and now it's HG status for me! 

I've used mascaras like Diorshow, Mac Zoomlash, various Rimmel mascaras and all kept getting smudgy on me! No joke after a few hours I'd have Raccoon eyes-gross I know! So I was always on the hunt for a new mascara I just can't put my finger on why I waited so long to try it lol. 

The first time I used lash blast I was very impressed. This mascara has a huge wand which I don't mind at all since Diorshow is just about the same size. I actually like the bigger wand because you can get every lash from inner corner to outer without having to work to do hard. What I love most about this mascara is the volume it gives my thin sparse lashes. It also really separates my lashes like no other and it doesn't smudge. The only thing I don't like about it is sometimes I get a little black dots of mascara over my eyeshadow but it's nothing a q tip can't handle! So if you haven't gotten your hands on this mascara, I recommend it to all you beauties out there!
Here's a picture to show you:
Without mascara:

With 2 coats of CoverGirl Lash Blast:
(I was in a rush so pardon the messy application lol!)

And here's a random cuz I'm such a loser..haha!

What do you think about this mascara? Is it worth the hype, and how has it worked out for you?? Let me know in the comments!!

Till next time bellas!!



  1. oh great !!!! it looks so pretty !
    i had tried dior show and some chanel mascara's but they are all kind of "leaking" under my eyes after a few hours -_-

    can't wait to try this one !

  2. Lily-Don't you hate that? Same thing happened to me with the Diorshow! It's sad to think that expensive mascaras like that can do such a cruddy job. I'm glad the lash blast is so affordable and awesome! Let me know how it works out for you love!

  3. K this is the next mascara I'm going to try! Thanks!

  4. racoon eyes are the worst! Im def going to try some lash blast

  5. I'm new to the blog world,lol. However I had to post when i saw this! I have been using this mascara for a few years now! I absolutely love it, haven't found anything that compares!(I sometimes get the black dots of mascara on my eyeshadow as well, but no biggie) :)

  6. Alot of MUA's use covergirl. I've heard grea thtings about lash blast, but never tried it. Great winged eye!

    New follower
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  7. Just stumbled across your blog and I must say I love your looks! Even though you said you were in a hurry you're makeup looks good.
    I will be following!

  8. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!

  9. Tiffany-I know this mascara will be in my collection for a long time as nothing I've tried compares to this so thanks!

    Kim Porter-Thanks love that's why I knew I had to try it and see how good it was for myself, thanks for following, I'll be checking out your blog as well!

    Ms Fierce-Thanks love for the sweet comment, it means alot!