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Monday, May 17, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review!

Hello dolls! I finally got the Revlon Colostay Foundation band wagon! lol For quite some time now, I've seen beauty bloggers rave and go on about this foundation. I myself, LOVE to try different foundations whether high end or drug store. I was in Sephora a while back and was looking for a tinted moisturizer or something lightweight for summertime and warm weather days where I don't want my foundation sliding off my face, the MA there suggested Benefits Dr. Feel Good. He tried and tried to sell it to me saying how gorgeous and flawless it made my skin look-I totally disagreed and didn't see it so I walked out with nothing.

While browsing Makeupalley product reviews, I noticed this foundation kept coming up ALOT! I saw so many positive reviews for this and it had been compared to Mac's Studio Fix Fluid (which I hated) so I was a little skeptical in trying it out but I figured $8.99 for a drugstore foundation is not bad since the positives outweighed the negatives (which there weren't many at all)
I was happy with my studio sculpt and make up forever mat velvet but they all just don't work like this does for me! 
I feel like this foundation was really meant to be for me, now for starters this foundation can run from $9.99 to $13.99 depending where you go. I saw this at Target for $9.99 with a $1.00 off automatic coupon, and then attached it had another $3.00 off coupon! So overall, I paid about $5.99 plus tax for this baby!

-Very affordable
-Apply's very easily
-Lasts all day on my face (even working out, I tried it!)
-Doesn't oxodize or fade on my skin
-Covers all my imperfections blemishes and pores evenly
-Transfer resistant best of all! Doesn't smudge onto my clothes or phone

-Doesn't have a pump
-You have to play around with the colors to get a good match since you can't test them in store
-Dries very quickly

I find that applying this with a stippling brush is the best method. You do have to work fast because this foundation dries very fast, so doing 1 section of your face at a time works best. So overall this foundation gets a 4/5 for me and is so perfect for warm summer days! I've been using this well over a week and have not been reaching for anything else, Hello holy grail!

Here's a swatch of Natural Tan:

Blended in on my hand:

 Blended in on my face:


Do you agree with me and love this foundation or do you not like it? Let me know in the comments!

FTC DISCLAIMER: Product mentioned above was purchased by me, I am not affiliated with Revlon or Target. This review is my honest opinion and just keep in mind, what works for me may not work for you.


  1. Great post. I think I'm going to have to try this. I usually wear Mac's Studio Fix but find that it doesn't stay on long enough, even when using a primer underneath. Plus it's expensive. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Thanks Marie! I also used to use Mac's Studio Fix and it not staying on long enough even with a primer, amongst other things I didn't like about it. But I have had no problems or complaints with this so I def recommend it to all the girls out there and least give it a try!