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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to de-pot Mac Beauty powders!

Do you get bored with Mac's plain black packaging?? Well I do! So that means we depot!
You will need the following tools:
-Mac packaging that you want to use (I used Heatherette Beauty Powder)
-Mac Blot powder to switch out
-Sharp knife

First start out by taking a tweezer or sharp knife and CAREFULLY slip it through the gap in the powder and slide it forward until the black insert pops out. Do the same for the powder you are depotting, carefully so you don't ruin it.

Should look like this once they are both out.

Now just take the powder you are using (I'm using blot powder) and securely pop it into the Heatherette Compact, it should click.
And voila!

You can peel off the stickers off the back of each packaging and re-stick them onto the appropriate powders and it's ready to go into your makeup bag!

That was so easy even a caveman can do it! haha!

Hope someone found this helpful!

P.S. When deciding which powder to use for example Mac MSF's make sure the dome is slightly used up or flat otherwise the compact won't close and you can ruin your MSF and we don't want that!!

Enjoy your day lovelies!!



  1. hey hun =)
    i'm having a makeup sale on my blog, so feel free to check it out!

  2. awesome! I will def try this ...

  3. Ashleigh let me know how it works out for you! It's so easy to do and the packaging looks super cute for other beauty products!