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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink's on the cover of Cosmo!!

I've been a hardcore P!nk fan since her first hit "There You Go" became a smash hit in 2000! Wow can't believe it's been 10 years already! On top of her being friggin HOTTTT, (girl crush HELLO!) I love her bad girl attitude and punk rock look. From the tattoos and piercings and pink fro hawk to her awesome songs full of meaning, she is truly an artist and a lyrical superstar. I had to snag this Cosmo magazine when I saw who was on the cover. Here's a few clips, Enjoy!

Do you love P!nk as much as I do? What are some of your favorite songs from her?? Let me know in the comments, and as always..stay Gorgeous!!



  1. I love Pink! I actually got to meet her husband a couple months ago at a restaurant. He chatted with my friend and I for about 5 minutes. He was super nice and talked mostly about his wife the whole time! (Awww.)

  2. I love Pink as well and was happy to see her on the cover of Cosmo, still waiting for my issue in the mail!

  3. Marie-That's so sweet that you got to met Carey! I love them as a couple so I'm really glad there back together!

    Miss K-I'm surprised you haven't gotten your Cosmo yet, I thought subscribers get the issue before it hits news stands! When you get it, it's a great article and really cool pics!